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What Can I Do If Another Person Stopped Responding During Online Dating?

By following the tips below, you will save yourself from a lot of worries. We will teach you to use the right strategies if the person you were in contact with doesn't respond immediately.

It can often be frustrating when he or she doesn't respond shortly after the first contact request in online dating.

Try not to immediately throw in the towel – there are many possible reasons why it may take someone longer to respond! They may be going through a lot of stress at work, be sick, or even have family problems.

#1 Give it another try

After having waited for a few days, it should be fine to reach out again.

What should be avoided at all costs is an offensive undertone in your message. After all, you do not know why they did not respond, and it would be unwise to assume.

Just send one more friendly, yet neutral message to your contact.

Should you still not receive any response, let it be and move on. Don't be upset, but instead continue your search for other, suitable contacts.

#2 Do not chase someone forever

As tempting as it seems, continuing to write messages to the person in question is unwise.

The other person may honestly even perceive it as stalking.

If you are lucky, you will "only" be blocked by this person.

In the worst case, he or she may "report" you to the site managers, which means that your account may be blocked or that you will receive a warning.

Furthermore, don't make a fool of yourself! So don't keep on chasing after a contact who stopped showing interest!

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#3 Do not blame yourself!

Many singles blame themselves for not receiving a message back.

They automatically assume that they made a mistake and thus prompted the conversation partner to stop the contact.

The consequences of this are feelings of guilt, shame, and sadness. Often, users even lose the courage to continue their search.

Don't let this happen to you! After all, you don't know the actual reasons why someone else stopped the contact. Also, try to refrain from speculating on why it happened.

Often, the reasons for stopping contact are private and personal; so do not get wrapped up in guilt or self-doubt!

Don't ever lose heart!

Just follow the tip below and try your luck with another person.

#4 Refer from sending a (boring) standard message

If it was the first time you made contact with another person without receiving a message back, maybe the wording of your message was the reason.

Standardized messages that are either boring, seem copy-pasted, or were formulated clumsily will rarely encourage others to respond.

Try to put more thought into your writing style and get more creative.

Refer to the profile of the other person, show interest, and start your message with a genuine compliment!

#5 Check when he or she has last been online

Most dating sites automatically display when users have last been online. If that function does exist, you should check when your contact has last logged into their account.

Maybe he or she has Internet problems or is just currently suffering from a lack of time?

However, if the person has recently been online and still not responded to your message, give up and move on.

Unless, of course, if you have not yet sent a follow up message- than be sure to do that first.

Anything else would simply be a waste of time.

Conclusion: don't lose heart away if your conversation partner doesn't respond!

Don't panic if you don't receive any response. There may be many possible reasons why he or she doesn't reply.

If your message was appealing and personalized, or if conversations have been positive and running smoothly, you shouldn't blame yourself.

Instead of constantly mulling over possible errors, instead cultivate an optimistic outlook. After all, there still are many like-minded souls on dating platforms that cannot wait to receive your next message.