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6 Ways For A Woman To Know For Sure If A Man She Is Dating Is Serious

Pay attention to the following clues and know with more certainty whether or not your online dating partner is serious about you.

You have met an interesting man on the Internet but aren't sure if he is serious about you?

Thankfully, there are a few clues that will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the following clues. If your date has passed this little test, chances are good that he is the right person.

#1 He is a good listener

A man with character and personality will listen to what you say. And, even more, he will manage to keep what you said in mind and to not immediately forget it.

He should refrain from rambling on – ideally, conversations should be well balanced.

Ask yourself: “Does he pick up on things you said and repeatedly ask good questions”?

If so, congratulations – such a man shows empathy and depth! In this case, it seems you landed a lucky strike!

#2 He contacts for no reason at all

If he is genuinely interested in you, he will to contact you without any apparent reason. A short message early in the morning, a few lines via email during lunch: this is how he signals that you are important to him.

Even if he is very busy at work, silence should be a red flag. If he asks how you are doing, pay attention to whether or not he is interested in an honest answer.

Furthermore: a man who really is into you will not keep you waiting, guessing, or play games!

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#3 His body language reveals a lot about him

Pay attention to his gestures while he is sitting opposite of you during the first date. If he keeps eye contact and leans towards you repeatedly during your conversation, this shows genuine interest.

If he crosses his arms in front of his body, this shows reservation and self-defense. Crossing the legs is another sign for a defensive attitude.

If his gaze is repeatedly drifting away, this may be a sign of insecurity. In the worst case, this gesture even shows boredom and disinterest.

#4 He shows interest in your hobbies

Even if he isn't into your hobbies, he usually will give an effort to understand your passion. If he makes fun of them or puts your hobbies down: run!

The same thing applies if he merely talks about his own interests. Run IF: he expects the woman to automatically be interested in what he is interested in - you are allowed to have your own hobbies and passions apart from his.

Yet, if he wants to know about the things you are doing in your leisure time, this is a good sign. That shows that he wants to learn all about you and is interested in your life.

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#5 His attitude towards previous relationships

Listen closely when he is talking about previous relationships. From the way he talks about them, you will quickly see if he is genuinely searching for a long-term relationship.

Does he talk about his ex in a respectful way? Does he trash-talk her? If he trash-talks her, run!

People who talk badly about their ex’s have little integrity and decency, and will not behave any differently in future relationships (i.e. with you!).

#6 He arrives late or in scruffy clothes

While there may be no need to wear a suit for the first date, well-groomed attire is important none the less. If he shows up in baggy jeans and a washed-out t-shirt, this indicates that he make no effort at all.

Does he arrive late? Being late is more than just impolite, it also shows a lack of respect.

A man who is interested into a woman and who wants to please her will always show up on time and will be well-groomed.

Conclusion: read his signs correctly

Make sure to listen to your heart and gut feeling while on the search for a partner. His signs and body language may reveal if he is into you or not.

This knowledge may keep you from a lot of heartbreak ... or lead you to the love of your life!