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Article Online Dating Advice: Secrets to Starting a Conversation on a Dating App

Easy Ways to Getting Flirty on a Dating App

Learn how to chat, flirt, and compliment your way into the best friendships, dates, and romances you've ever had by nailing that first conversation. These are the best tips, tricks, and secrets to chatting your way into a relationship with an online dating app.

Tip #1: People Sense Sincerity

Most people can tell the difference between a sincere compliment, and trumped up flattery. Sincerity can draw people in to wanting to talk to you because, sincerity carries no added pressure or frustration. Sincerity is open, honest, and real. So, if you want to give someone a compliment then find something about that person's pictures, profile, bio, or something in their conversation that you truly admire and then state it as simply as possible.

 Good Example: "I really like your smile." Or, "I think it's so cool that you went to UCLA"

Bad Example: "Your smile holds the secrets of a thousand worlds. I wish only to delve into them beside you" or "I think that people that go to UCLA are the smartest people in the whole world. I would love to talk to such a intellectual god such as yourself".

Tip #2: Keep It Positive

When you're trying to get a date with a dating app, it's extremely important to keep things positive. Even if you're having a bad day, try to find something good to say about how you're doing. People don't want to date a downer. Also, be positive in your comments about the person you are talking to. Keep things on the sunny side, especially with new people and you will go far.

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Tip #3: Chill Out

It's very easy to get excited when initiating a conversation, but don't let your imagination get carried away and cause you undue stress. Go into a conversation looking to try to get to know people. Make friends. You have no idea whether or not you're talking to your soul mate, a friend, or just a passing stranger. Chill out and just take the conversations as they happen without worrying about whether or not this person is "the one". People sense pressure, and most people try to avoid it. People like to relax and the more you relax, the more the other person will relax.

Tip #4: Be Respectful

Text, or message people as cautiously as if you knew your grandmother was peeking at your mobile phone, especially with first conversations. People like to be respected, no matter what their profile says. People who are respectful get respected in kind. Respectful conversations are more likely to get you a date, and being respectful makes you a better person.

Tip #5: Be You

You are an amazing human being. There is no one in the world quite like you, so be yourself. Trying to be something that your not is off-putting and totally obvious. Being yourself will attract real people who want to get to know you. You can't keep a guise of someone else up forever anyway. So, it's better to be upfront about who you are. Those who like that will hang around, and those who don't like that wouldn't have worked out anyway. Being who you are is honest. Liking yourself for who you are is irresistibly attractive.

Getting to know people online can be scary. However, being positive, sincere, respectful, chill, and genuinely you will attract all the right kinds of people and help you find your soulmate, and make online chatting much easier.